Finch Identity
Finch logo
My client had an outdated logo with gradients and beveling a'plenty. They thought it was time for an update to help give the appearance of a larger corporation. I feel like I nicely captured the essence of a finch with streamlined and simplified shapes.
Neways U Logo and Collateral
Neways U logo
Neways would put on training every year called Neways U. Up to this point, a new logo was created each year. My design was so well received that it became the permanent Neways U logo, and only the date was changed from year to year.
Uccello Fine Italian Ale Packaging Design
Uccello packaging
This was a project I did for fun. I drew the bird and imagined what kind of project it would work on. For some reason, I imagined it on Fine Italian Ale. Hmmm. Go figure. I google translated "Bird" into Italian, and that’s where Uccello comes from.
Endau Illustration and Packaging
Endau packaging
The intention was to create some really fun, light-hearted, feminine designs for this product line. I created the illustrations while a co-worker developed the text placement with illustrations. It was an excellent collaboration.
Mediterranean Cruise Postcards Group 1
Cruise postcards group 1
These were designed to be left at the door of cruise passengers each time they arrived at a new destination. These were very time-consuming, but when all was said and done, I was very proud of them despite the cruise being canceled altogether.
Mediterranean Cruise Postcards Group 2
Cruise postcards group 2
Here are four more from the complete set of eight. Be sure to collect them all to complete your set. ᵕ̈
Poster for Employee Holiday Party
Employee party poster
This was for a party to celebrate the 60s and 70s. I combined elements from the 60s (hippies, peace signs, flowers) and 70s (disco ball) for this poster. We all dressed in our favorite band shirts; some even wore their grooviest wigs.